What Is Travel Portal Development?

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December 27, 2019

To understand what travel portal development is, you must first learn about travel portals. In simple terms, a travel portal is basically like an ecommerce website but designed and developed specifically for the travel industry. As such, these portals will provide users with a list of products and services associated with the travel industry such as hotels, flights and even tour packages.

Types of Travel Portals

Travel portals come in two types, B2B and B2C. As the name suggests, B2B travel portals are designed to be used for business to business transactions. For example, an airline aggregator may create a B2B portal for travel agencies to source flights from. A travel company may also use a B2B portal for selling its own inventory to its partners. On the other hand, B2C travel portals are designed keeping the end users of the travel industry in mind. These are the travelers and tourists. The kind of services sold through the portals ultimately depends on the business selling them. Some tend to focus on only a few sectors such as flights or hotels. Others tend to offer a end to end range of travel products and services. The latter is commonly found in the B2C space.

How Are They Developed?

Now that you know what travel portals are, it is time to understand travel portal development. Travel portal development refers to the design, development and setting up of the portal through which a travel company can start selling its offerings. All travel portals tend to have some fundamental features to help them serve the company’s interests.

These portals are typically integrated with APIs, XMLs and other systems through which travel companies can source their inventories from providers. For example, a travel company may choose a system like Amadeus GDS for sourcing their flight information. The portals will, of course, feature a payment setup with different payment gateways through which the users, partners or customers can pay for the services purchased. Additionally, there will be an admin panel through which the travel company can access and control various aspects of the travel portal such as pricing. Essential options such as agent commission, markups, discount policies and even dynamic packaging can be easily set up and executed through the admin panel. A billing and invoice system will also be present to automatically generate the documentation whenever a transaction or relevant action takes place.

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