What is the cost of travel portal development?

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January 3, 2020

Travel Portal Development Agencies look after the task of designing and developing a travel portal, online airline reservation system, CAR reservation system and more. Creating a travel portal is an intricate task, which requires the expertise of designers, developers, and other technicians. The cost travel portal development depends on specific services you wanted to opt from GDS.

The cost varies according to your requirements. Here is a brief idea of what the cost can be:

  • A hotel booking engine with a base level design can cost you between approximately 5K to 7K USD. If you want to create a completely new travel portal, develop it and Interface the portal, the cost will be more.
  • When it comes to adding or developing a car rental software, cruise or bus booking engines in a travel portal the costs will be between 3K to 5K USD each.
  • The rates of Amadeus’s Flight booking software is about 120–130$/ Year. A travel portal Integrated with Amadeus API will allow customers or travelers to reserve the tickets in any of the airlines.
  • The basic cost of a travel Portal Development created on the PHP platform will cost around 3000/5000 US$, whereas if you want to developa travel portal with live chat application it will be around 12000US$.

Vital Suggestions related to travel portal development 

Those who are not an IATA certified Travel Agency, they will not be able to buy tickets directly from the API provider. You can either go for accreditation which undoubtedly a lengthy process or you can even tie-up with any IATA certified agency in your location. They can book tickets on your behalf at some margins.

PS: Prices that are quoted in this document may vary and the document is based on market research while evaluating for the travel market for Team India Web Design.

Team India web Design is an experienced travel portal development company having years of knowledge on the online CAR reservation system, Flight Booking API System, Travel & Hotel API Integration, Roomsxml API integration, Hotelbeds API integration, Amadeus GDS API, Travel Booking Engine Development, B2B and B2C Travel Portal Development, GDS/XML/API and much more. 
Our travel portal development cost is affordable, and we are very transparent when it comes to travel portal development or API Integration. Therefore, have a consultation with us to add the latest techniques in your travel portal and let your business bring more conversions through travel portal software. Our travel portal software will surely drive more customers and aggregate the sales & revenue for your business.

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