What Are the Important Features of Online B2B Travel Portal Development?

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December 27, 2019

A B2B travel portal is meant for business to business transactions in the travel industry. In other words, the customers for this kind of portal are actually other travel agencies, agents, and other partners. As such, it is vital that the unique needs of these users are focused on during online B2B travel portal development. In other words, a B2B travel portal will have some specific and important features.

Profile Management

The first important feature is profile management. As the admin of the portal, you will have the option of creating different profiles and logins for your agents and partners. Each agency, agent or partner can be assigned unique logins for easier management. Of course, you can also segregate the profiles depending on the level of personalization you want. For example, you may have choose to allow a travel agency to access only a specific categories on your inventory based on the contract you have.

Markup Management

Markup management is another important feature of B2B travel portals. This will allow you to manage the various markups in place for different partners. It is possible to segregate your partners into different markets on the basis of the markup you are offering them. This allows you to minimize all potential hassles and issues arising out of markups. After all, the percentages and discounts will be clearly defined and automatically applied for the relevant users.

API Integration

Of course, no travel portal is complete without the requisite set of travel APIs and GDS. Working with an experienced company like Team India Web Design will help you make the most of these additions. We are capable of rapidly and efficiently integrating multiple APIs. In fact, we can also ensure that each API works seamlessly, perfectly and in conjunction with the other systems in place. As a result, you can leverage multiple vendors and APIs to deliver better inventories to your partners.

Real Time Reports and Documents

Thanks to the APIs in place, you will also get access to reports in real time. You can generate a wide variety of reports and view them whenever you want. In addition to this, you can also view and manage all documents, invoices and billing generated by the systems. Such documents will automatically be sent to all relevant parties. All of these features are critical to the overall functioning of a B2B portal.

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