What Are the Critical Features Present in B2C Travel Portals?

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December 27, 2019

B2C travel portals are easily the ones that most travel customers are familiar with. After all, they are specifically designed for consumer use. As such, they have a specific set of features to help consumers discover, book and purchase travel offerings via the portal. Some of the essential features are as follows.

Booking Engines

The biggest feature will undoubtedly be the booking engines. Booking engines are what allows consumers to book everything. This includes flights, hotels, car rentals, transfers, tour packages and activities.  B2C portals need to offer robust booking engines that allow transactions to be completed quickly.

Dynamic Packaging

It also possible to implement dynamic packaging features if your company needs it. Dynamic packaging allows consumers to book and reserve all components of their itinerary at a single portal. For example, they can purchase flight tickets, book hotel rooms, buy tickets to sightseeing attractions, and rent a car for their trip together as a package. This increases the freedom they have since they are no longer bound to choose one among pre-defined packages that may not meet all of their needs.

API Integration

XML API integration is another critical part of any B2C travel portal. API integration is what allows your travel portal to source all inventories you offer to consumers. This includes flights, hotel rooms, transfers, cruises and car rentals among others. At Team India Web Design, we can help you integrate some of the leading API providers in the market such as Amadeus and Expedia. Most APIs will also offer a comprehensive search function. This will allow your customers to quickly find the service they are looking for as per their search parameters. For example, they can search about cheapest flights between two locations on specific dates.

Other Essential Features

B2C travel portals will also enable the creation of membership plans and customer registration options. It is also possible to integrate a CRM system to make it easier for you to manage customer relationships this way. Other essential features include a secured payment gateway and integrated shopping carts for easier checkouts. A B2C travel portal will also have reporting and documentation functions. In fact, these are essential for the smooth running of the business. Documentation includes invoices and billing and it will be automated. Since this is a consumer facing application, aspects like user experience are incredibly vital. For this reason, B2C travel portals typically feature intuitive designs and chatbots.

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