What Are the Best Flight APIs for Travel Portals?

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December 30, 2019

Choosing the right flight API is critical if you want to serve the best your customers and partners. Unfortunately, there is a massive range of APIs out there, each having its own set of features, costs, pros and cons. As a result, it can quickly become confusing to anyone venturing into this space. At Team India Web Design, we have had the opportunity to work with and integrate many flight APIs over the years. We have realized that there are plenty of amazing options out there in the market. However, the ones listed below are some of the best that you can use in your travel portal, especially if you are just getting started.

Amadeus GDS Flight API

Amadeus is one of the biggest global distribution systems in the world. As expected from such a brand, its flight API is impressive and effective. This API provides complete access to all information regarding the massive inventory of global flights it offers along with a comprehensive search. Their list includes 490 carriers including several international brands and even LCCs. Through this API, travel businesses can easily monitor sales, bookings, departure checks and inventory management and more.

Galileo Flight API

Another leading GDS in the world, Galileo’s Flight API provides you with access to over 511 air carriers. In other words, you will have an incredibly vast inventory of flights to choose from. You also get a comprehensive search function that allows you to find flights as per multiple parameters including class, carriers and departure or arrival times. Frequent flyer programs are also supported. Bookings and even cancellations can be performed with ease.

Sabre Flight API

Sabre is one of the largest airline booking systems in the world, operating in more than 112 countries across the world. In fact, it offers more than 400 air carriers to choose from. By integrating the Flights API from Sabre, you can add considerably to your airline tickets search as well as booking services. It is well worth considering since Sabre is responsible for over 37% of air bookings across the world.

Mystifly Flight API

Mystifly is an excellent option for global flight APIs as it is among the fastest growing travel tech companies. Its travel network is massive as well, covering over 60 countries and over 70 point of sale nations. Overall, it covers more than 900 airlines and that includes 165 low cost carriers.

Hitchhiker Flight API

Another incredible choice is Hitchhiker which has been in the travel tech industry for over 25 years. Its Flight API is certainly an impressive one, as to be expected from someone with that level of experience and expertise. Through it, you can get complete management solutions along with enhanced distribution capabilities. In fact, you can manage the entire chain of deals and transactions through the single API. Hitchhiker also provides an excellent selection of LCCs from the Asian region.

Flytoday Flight API

This wholesaler is known for providing robust solutions for travel portals. It also offers a considerable inventory of more than 750 airlines across the world with over 200 low cost carriers. The comprehensive ticketing API covers domestic and international flights easily.

There are quite a few other options available such as Kayak and TripAdvisor.

Choose Team India Web Design for flight API integration and find the best APIs for improving your business now.

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