How does a travel portal development company help the travel business?

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January 2, 2020

In the age of the internet, Travel businesses long for online visibility so that they can attract travelers who value the process of booking or making reservations using the travel portals or online reservation systems. The prime functionality of a travel portal development company or an expert travel portal designing agency is to understand the business of the travel agents, tour companies, and tour operators, and finally offer them a custom-made, flexible, easy to navigate, compact, trendy travel portal, or online reservation system to boost their businesses.

An online travel portal development company follows the following process to help travel service provides: 

  • Deep understanding of the client’s business niche through video calls, meeting and demo sessions.
  • Setting up the design layout of the client's travel website, flight reservation system, and more using the latest design trends.
  • Develop the travel website with technologies and frameworks like PHP, Angular, React JS,, Node Js, Symfony, CodeIgniter and more.
  • Building an instant connection with global accommodation, flight, and transfer service providers with the help of trustworthy APIs like the roomxml, Travelanda, Amadeus API, Travelport API and much more.
  • Optimizing the website for search engine visibility and search engine optimization. On-page optimization and usage of proper content, keywords, call to actions, and online chat.
  • Looking after the post website maintenance and helping clients come across all hurdles in their travel website.

It becomes difficult for someone new to understand the complex process of web portal development. Therefore, in case you are looking forward to give your travel business a new name, surely let us know. Team India Web Design will be more than happy to help you.

Is Team India Web Design a travel portal development company?

Team India Web Design is not only a travel portal development company but an experienced and International agency who, looks after the complete process of designing, developing, and integrating a modern, global travel portal. With the travel portals developed by us our clients can successfully boost their business. Moreover, the functionalities of the portal are so flexible and easy to navigate that more and more travelers love to make their bookings using the booking system developed by us.

We have connections with numerous DMC clients across Dubai, Europe, Asia, and India. Online air ticket reservation system, online air ticket reservation system, b2c travel portal, online b2b travel portal developed by us has not only attracted thousands and millions of customers within a short duration of 6 months but they have also succeeded in building connections with global travel service providers.

Be it developing a CAR reservation system, airline reservation system or an all in one travel portal development, Team India Web Design will always be by the side of the clients. 

Contact us now for tour and travel website design and development services!

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