Guide to the Best Payment Gateways for Your Business

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December 31, 2019

When you have a travel portal ready to provide travel products to your customer, it becomes necessary to start accepting online payments instantly. In fact, online payments are critical in the online travel industry. To ensure this, you need a robust payment gateway. Team India Web Design has the expertise and experience to help you find and integrate the best possible payment gateways in your travel website. If you are wondering why, check out the following reasons to get a payment gateway.

The Advantages of Payment Gateways

The basic function of payment gateways is to enable and authorize online payments, allowing users to pay for the products or services they get from you. Here are just a few of the benefits offered by these gateways.

  • Available 24*7: When you are serving a global client base, you cannot expect your clients to wait for their payments to be processed at your business hours. Payment gateways ensure that clients can pay whenever they want.
  • Instant Authorization: Payment gateways can instantly authorize the payments or deny them. This way, you don’t need to wait around wondering if the booking will go through.
  • Enhanced Security: Payment gateways reduce risk of fraud and scams while protecting customer data. All of that enhances your clients’ trust in you as well.

The Best Payment Gateways

There are several payment gateways available in the market. Some of the best ones are mentioned below.


The most well-known and one of the biggest payment gateways in the world is PayPal, without any doubt. It is also known for its security features. Moreover, its experience in the industry is incredible.


Another highly regarded payment gateway, MasterCard offers enhanced security and a comprehensive package for websites. It also provides a white label solution to help with your branding needs.

InstaMojo Payment Gateway:

  • Annual maintenance Charge: ZERO. yes ZERO
  • Transaction Fee per Transaction: Flat fee @ 2% + Rs 3 per transaction
  • Multi-Currency Support: Not supported. Only INR.
  • Withdrawal Fees: Zero
  • Settlement days: 3 days in your connected Bank account.

Cashfree Payment gateway

  • Annual Maintenance Charges: ZERO
  • Credit & Debit cards on Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, RuPay, 75+ net banking: Flat fee @ 1.75% + Rs 0 per transaction
  • International Credit Cards on Visa, Mastercard, and American Express: Flat fee @ 3.5% + Rs 7 per transaction
  • Multi-Currency Support: 32+ foreign currencies supported. Other currencies also configurable on request.
  • Dedicated Account Manager for Support

EBS Payment Gateway

  • Withdrawal Fees: Free of cost.
  • Customer Support Available
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Supported eCommerce CMS Systems

Various Banks

There are several international banks offering their own payment gateways. They can be excellent especially if already have your account there. Some options include Axis Bank and HDFC Bank.

Work with Team India Web Design

If you are looking for payment gateway integration for your travel portal, you should consider Team India Web Design. After all, our developers have a lot of experience with payment gateways, having been in the travel industry for years. As such, we are capable of delivering perfectly executed payment gateway integration solutions in a shorter frame of time. After all, we take pride in helping our clients scale new heights.

Contact us for more on payment gateways now!

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