Comparing the Best Hotel Booking API for Integration

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December 27, 2019

These days, there is no shortage of hotel APIs in the market considering the immensity of the travel industry. Since these APIs offer a varying range of features and options, it is difficult to find the best among them. At Team India Web Design, we have been involved in API integration for years, having served numerous clients in the travel industry. We have been particularly impressed by what HotelBeds, HotelsPro, Stuba and Travellanda are offering through their hotel booking APIs.


HotelBeds is one of the leading bedbanks in the world, with over 180,000 hotels on offer through their API. The API does provide a robust search function with advanced filtering capabilities. For example, it is possible to search hotels with keywords, destinations or even geolocation. Booking confirmations are given instantly. More importantly, it provides flexibility in check-in dates along with direct upgrade options. Hotel bookings can also be cancelled effortlessly via this API.


One of the biggest hotel booking system providers in the world, HotelsPro delivers a fully interactive system while connecting users to over 600,000 hotels across the world. Its API is just as impressive as can be expected from such a reputed provider. Apart from bookings and cancellations, it is also possible to edit hotel orders via the API. It also provides users with all the information regarding hotels including detailed descriptions, price breakdowns and even penalty charges. The API also allows special offers to be created. Of course, a comprehensive search function is also accessible.


A highly regarded global hotel wholesaler, Travellanda offers an excellent hotel booking API for B2B partners. Through the API, you can get access to more than 300,000 hotels situated all over the world. That means, more than 2.5 million rooms will be available to you instantly, covering everything from budget to luxury options. This is, of course, a white label solution for B2B clients which means partners can use their branding. The API also provides access to the wide range of activities and transfers that Travellanda offers.


Having been operating in the travel industry since 1991, Stuba has developed quite an impressive reputation. Through its API, it currently offers more than 100,000 properties around the globe, all of which are 3-star rated or more. It also offers some of the best rates while ensuring availability even during peak seasons.

Ultimately, choosing a hotel booking API depends on what you want for your travel business. Nonetheless, the above four should be of help for most.

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